Rancho  Cordova's Community Band  
Member: Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association   
Member: Association of Concert Bands

The Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band Board Members and Officers are as follows:

BAND BOARD: If you are interested in joining the band board or just attending the meetings, please talk to one of the band members listed to get details on the next meeting.

President - Brian Buhl (alto sax)

Vice President - Sue Coddington-Allen (bass clarinet)

Secretary - Jeanette Hess (alto sax)

Treasurer - Susan Boring (tenor sax)

Director – Tom Seaton

Members at Large

Melanie Freer (flute)

Lydia Bredin (baritone)

Patty Selenski (clarinet)

Elaine Gierek (bass clarinet)

Music Librarians
Patty Selenski

Assistant: Elaine Gierek

Shirt Coordinator -
Elaine Gierek