Rancho  Cordova's Community Band  
Member: Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association 
Member: Association of Concert Bands

Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band is supported in part by:
Community Enhancement Fund of the City of Rancho Cordova


Philosophy, Fees, Expectations

River City Concert Band would like to welcome all new and returning musicians. We maintain a fairly low key rehearsal environment. We strive to be a band that is both comfortable for players returning to their instruments after years of not playing as well as challenging to our more accomplished musicians.

There are no auditions required to join, but occasionally there may be a solo passage within a piece that requires a different texture, style, sectional balance, or may contribute to a fellow musicians' growth.  At the conductor's discretion those songs may be assigned to a performer other than what in some bands is traditionally given only to the principal sectional  leader. We ask your cooperation and flexibility when these infrequent substitutions occur. 

We would also request that during our limited rehearsal time you all take advantage of your mobile phone service's voice-mail feature. It would be expected that you respect the conductor and your fellow musician's time by consistently arriving to rehearsals and concerts on time and prepared.  When you skip a rehearsal, it not only diminishes your ability to play, but affects all the ensemble's musicians who depend on listening and balance to properly prepare a piece for performance.

The good news is you don't have to buy a tuxedo to play with us.  Our year round concert dress consists of black slacks, socks, and shoes and a blue golf-type knit shirt with our band logo  - except during our Christmas Season when appropriately festive winter holiday dress is the norm. The band shirts are available at at a nominal fee to all regular members. You'll have to provide the matching accessory clothing. 

Dues to help offset expenses and purchase new music are currently $30 per school semester, due at the beginning of the school term (Active students are free and we have a discounted family rate as well).  You are also encouraged to buy a membership in the SVSBA and keep it current.  It benefits both you as a musician and the band as an entity. See band secretary Jeanette Hess (alto saxophone) for more info or click here to see the SVSBA printable membership form.

OK!  Enough with the fine print!  Let's make some beautiful music together!