Rancho  Cordova's Community Band  
Member: Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association 
Member: Association of Concert Bands

Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band is supported in part by:
Community Enhancement Fund of the City of Rancho Cordova


RCCB History

The River City Concert Band began in 1990, branching off from the Sacramento Concert Band under the Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association (SVSBA). Its first conductor was Ed LaFranchi, followed in 1993 by Mancho Gonzalez, who assumed the baton and was the conductor until 1999.  Mancho was succeeded by Cerrie Hearst, who took over as conductor in 1999 and was with the band until June of 2002. Gary Decker, who was a trombone player with the 59th Guard band, took over as conductor in August of 2002 but was forced to resign after only a few months time due to a job transfer.

Tom Seaton, our current director, was playing in the Capital City Concert Band at that time and was asked by a band member who played in both bands if he would consider conducting River City.

Tom agreed and took over as conductor on Feb 24th, 2003 as the band’s 5th conductor. The band will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary in 2013 and Tom will be celebrating his 10th anniversary as the band’s musical director and conductor. Including the current roster, there have been over 160 members of this band under Tom's tenure since 2003.

The band began its association with the city of Rancho Cordova, CA in June of 2012, after many years of enjoying the patronage of the San Juan School District's Winterstein Adult Education program.  Hard times and cutbacks made the band's long term future seem to be continually hanging under a dark cloud of doubt as more than one SVSBA band was forced to deal with relocation and lack of financial support during this period.  River City Concert Band was not in dire straights, but decided to be proactive and look outside the box to secure our longtime success as an organization. A successful symbiotic relationship with the City of Rancho Cordova has blossomed from mutual need and the ability of both parties to fulfill the obligations and the expectations of the other.  We retain our regional identity and continue our educational outreach functions, while proudly assuming our new role as  Rancho Cordova's Community Band.